Rick Sturdivant


Ph.D. (Systems Engineering) Colorado State University
M.A. (Science and Religion) Biola University
M.S. (Electrical Engineering) University of California at Los Angeles
B.S. (Electrical Engineering) California State University at Long Beach
B.A. (Religion) Vanguard University

Other Specialized Training and Certifications

Certificate: Python for Data Science, Web, and Core Programming, Univ. of Calif., Irvine, Aug 2018
CISSP Certification Bootcamp Course (6 day course), (ISC)2 Official Training, May 2017
SANS SEC401: Security Essential Bootcamp Course (6 day course), June 2014


Dr. Sturdivant has extensive experience in engineering and management of all aspects of product development for microwave and millimeter-wave systems, modules, integrated circuits, and passives such as filters and couplers. He has specialized training in systems engineering and applied electromagnetics. He is a senior member of the IEEE.

He is a recognized expert in the field of T/R modules, phased arrays, and electronic packaging. He is a member and past chair of the IEEE MTT-12 Technical Subcommittee on microwave and millimeter-wave packaging. He is also one of the speaker bureau lecturers for that committee. He has been an invited speaker to IEEE local chapters such as the local MTT-S chapter in San Diego, CA and the joint MTT-S and AP-S in Baltimore, MD.

Summary of Professional Experience

MPT, Inc. 2003-Present, Job Title: Founder & Chief Technology Officer
• Boot strapped MPT from zero income into a multi-million dollar a year company
• Designed SiGe low noise amplifiers, switches and phase shifters
• Designed world’s highest power, GaN based high power amplifier module (6-18GHz)
• Developed 11 different MMICs from 4-44GHz including LNA, HPA, Phase Shifters, etc
• Developed packages for ICs from .5 to 40GHz
• Developed T/R modules for phased array radar using surface mount (SMT) techniques
Azusa Pacific University (APU), 2016-2018, Job Title: Assistant Professor
• Department of Engineering and Computer Science
• Engineering courses (Statics, Electric Circuits, Electronics, Systems Design)
• Research in renewable energy, systems engineering, and wireless systems
• 2018 Facult Award for Distinguished Research, APU College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Multilink Technology, Inc. 2000-2003, Job Title: Technical Product Manager
• Helped grow Multilink to its successful Initial Public Offering (IPO)
• Designed high linearity driver and HPA MMIC with 30KHz to 20GHz BW
• Product development lead for new products which resulted in $33M income per year
• Developed world’s first BGA surface mount 12.5Gb/S Modulator Driver product
• Designed lumped element and distributed filters for duo-binary systems
Raytheon (Hughes Aircraft Company) 1989-2000, Job Title: Senior Staff Engineer
• Designed MMIC amplifiers, phase shifters, low noise amplifiers and switches
• Designed T/R modules for airborne radar applications at X-Band
• Design MMIC doubler (12GHz), tripler (33GHz), and LNA (40GHz) for point to point
• Developed world’s first tile array module, received Engineering Excellence Award

Awarded Patents

5,886,587 Flipped lumped element circulator
5,691,566 Tapered three-wire line vertical connections
5,689,216 Direct three-wire to stripline connection
5,675,302 Microwave compression interconnect using dielectric filled three-wire line…
5,552,752 Microwave vertical interconnect through circuit with compressible conductor
8,594,638 Dynamic wireless networks and interactive wireless information communication …
9,277,643 S-shaped ceramic feedthrough

List of Accomplishments

Senior Member of IEEE
IEEE MTT-S Speakers Bureau 2011-2016
Invited Speaker: IEEE MTT-S, APS Baltimore Section, 2009
Invited Speaker: IMAPS San Diego Chapter, November 15, 2011
Invited Speaker: IEEE MTT-S Buena Ventura Section, March 1996 and March 2013
Invited Speaker: Georgia Tech Professional Education, 2011, 2012, 2013
Invited Speaker: IEEE CLASTECH Symposium, 2015
2018 Facult Award for Distinguished Research, Azusa Pacific University

Recipient of Hughes Aircraft Microwave Masters Fellowship For M.S. Degree at UCLA
Awarded Hughes Aircraft Engineering Excellence (Engineer of the Year) Award
Guest Editor: IEEE Transaction Microwave Theory and Techniques, Vol. 45, No. 10, 1997
Member IEEE MTT-S MTT-12 Technical Subcommittee on Packaging and Manufacturing
Past Chair IEEE MTT-S MTT-12 Technical Subcommittee on Packaging and Manufacturing
Workshop Organizer: PWB Session, IEEE Int. Microwave Sym. 2004
Workshop Organizer: WSC Session, IEEE Int. Microwave Sym. 1998
Member Steering Committee, IEEE International Microwave Symposium, San Diego, 1994
Technical Reviewer (TPC) for IEEE International Microwave Symposium
Technical Reviewer for IEEE Asia Pacific Microwave Conference 2016
Reviewer for MDPI Systems (Journal on Systems Engineering and Systems Management), 2017
Reviewer for IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques, 2018
Reviewer for IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters, 2018

Principal Investigator, MDA SBIR Pahse II, HQ0147-17-C-7302, Digital Recievers, 2016
Principal Investigator, Army SBIR Phase III, W911W6-14-C-0014, Low Cost Radar, 2014
Principal Investigator, Navy SBIR Phase II, N00024-13-C-4524, GaN Limiters, 2013
Principal Investigator, Army SBIR Phase II, W31P4Q-13-C-0021, Low Cost Radar, 2013
Principal Investigator, Army SBIR Phase I, W31P4Q-12-C-0011, Low Cost Radar, 2012
Principal Investigator, Navy SBIR Phase I, N00167-11-P-0382, GaN Limiters, 2011
Principal Investigator, Navy SBIR Phase II, N68335-10-C-0050, W-Band Amplifier, 2010
Principal Investigator, Navy SBIR Phase I, N68335-08-C-0467, W-Band Amplifier, 2008
Principal Investigator, MDA SBIR Phase II, HQ0006-06-C-7324, Innovative Radar, 2006
Principal Investigator, Air Force SBIR Phase II, FA9453-05-M-0085, ESA T/R Module, 2005
Principal Investigator, MDA SBIR Phase I, HQ0006-05-C-7189, Manufacturing, 2005
Principal Investigator, MDA SBIR Phase I, N00164-04-C-6039, Power Amplifier, 2004
Principal Investigator, MDA SBIR Phase I, W9113M-04-P-0048, Innovative Radar, 2004
Generated $12.23M in Small Business Innovation Research Grants (SBIR)

Principal Investigator on dozens of Internal Research & Development (IR&D) programs at various companies.

Founder & CEO: MPT, Inc.
Founder & CTO: RLS Design, Inc.
Co-Founder, CHO, past board member: iViu Technologies, Inc.
Co-Founder, CTO, past board member: Torrey Pines Technologies Group, LLC
Co-Founder, CTO, past board member: Centric Technologies, Inc.
Co-Founder, CEO, past board member: MMICMAN, LLC
Board of Advisors (2015-Present): Integra Devices, LLC