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Systems Engineering of Phased Arrays

Authors: Rick Sturdivant, Clifton Quan, Enson Chang
Publisher: Artech House, Norwood, MA
Published: 2018

This book provides the knowledge required for engineering phased arrays. It approaches their design from a systems engineering perspective. The book covers phased array system architectures, concept development with examples, antenna technology options, transmit/receive components, thermal design, analog versus digital beam forming, digital receivers, phased array system modeling, and typical advanced development activities. The result is a source that provides systems engineers and designers with information required for phased array development.

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RF and Microwave Microelectronics Packaging II

Editors: Ken Kuang, Rick Sturdivant
Publisher: Springer Publishing, New York, NY
Published: 2017

This book presents the latest developments in packaging for high-frequency electronics. It is a companion volume to “RF and Microwave Microelectronics Packaging” (2010) and covers the latest developments in thermal management, electrical/RF/thermal-mechanical designs and simulations, packaging and processing methods, and other RF and microwave packaging topics. Chapters provide detailed coverage of phased arrays, T/R modules, 3D transitions, high thermal conductivity materials, carbon nanotubes and graphene advanced materials, and chip size packaging for RF MEMS. It appeals to practicing engineers in the electronic packaging and high-frequency electronics domain, and to academic researchers interested in understanding the leading issues in the commercial sector. It is also a good reference and self-studying guide for students seeking future employment in consumer electronics.

Rick is co-editor of this book and authored three chapters in it.

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Transmit Receive Modules for Radar and Communication Systems

Authors: Rick Sturdivant, Mike Harris
Publisher: Artech House, Norwood, MA
Published: 2015

The use of electronically scanned phased arrays is increasing in systems such as radar, wireless networks, and satellite ground terminals. An important and necessary component for these systems is the transmit receive (T/R) module, which provides the amplification and electronic beam steering that is required for proper function. This new resource presents a comprehensive overview of all design, fabrication, integration, and implementation issues associated with T/R modules for radar and communications.
This book provides engineers and researchers with practical designs and 44 examples of analysis, circuits, and components used in T/R modules. It also provides a solid explanation of the theory for how T/R modules operate and how they can be optimized. In addition, this book shows how the latest technical advances in silicon germanium (SiGe) and gallium nitride (GaN) are allowing levels of performance that were previously unachievable. The book concludes with informative chapters on testing, cost considerations, and the future of next generation T/R modules.

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Book Review of Transmit Receive Modules for Radar and Communication Systems Published by The IEEE. This is a very positive book review by Dr. James Chu and he states that, “This book is a “must have” item on a T/R module and AESA radar and communication designer’s bookshelf.”

Book Recommendation:
“Transmit Receive Modules for Radar and Communication Systems is a rare compilation of all key aspects needed to design and implement T/R modules, covering systems requirements, functional design, MMIC development, packaging and materials selection, layout rules, manufacturing considerations, testing, and cost. It can serve as both a textbook and as a reference guide. Because it presents a complete picture, it is useful to the beginner as a guide, to the expert RF designer as a reference for system requirements, and the systems engineer as a reference for T/R module specifications and requirements for implementation. It also provides a history of T/R module development, gives a complete evaluation of current state of the art, and discusses recent innovations that promise to reduce cost and improve performance. As T/R modules are the key components for implementation of Active Electronic Scanned Arrays, it should be on the bookshelf of anyone employing this technology in Radar, Communications, and EW systems.”
Thomas W Miller, PhD, Consultant, Thales Raytheon Systems

Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Electronic Packaging

Author: Rick Sturdivant
Publisher: Artech House, Norwood, MA
Published: 2014

Packaging of electronic components at microwave and millimeter-wave frequencies requires the same level of engineering effort for lower frequency electronics plus a set of additional activities which are unique due to the higher frequency of operation. This resource presents you with the electronic packaging issues unique to microwave and millimeter-wave frequencies and reviews lower frequency packaging techniques so they can be adapted to higher frequency designs. You are provided with 30 practical examples throughout the book, as well as three free downloadable software analysis programs.

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Heat Transfer Book

Hands On Guide To Heat Transfer For Microwave and Millimeter-wave Electronics

Authors: Rick Sturdivant and AJ Bogdon
Published: 2015

This hands-on booklet is packed full of practical examples of how to perform heat transfer analysis. It guides the reader from fundamental principles to detailed knowledge that can be applied immediately. The know-how contained in this booklet will be useful to both the beginner and the experienced thermal analyst since it has the right details necessary. The authors are practicing engineers with first-hand experience designing and analyzing electronics for heat transfer.

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Book Chapters

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Systems Engineering of Phased Arrays