About Me

I am a hands-on product development engineer. My customers appreciate and benefit from this approach. In fact, I feel at home in the lab trouble shooting a new product design. That said, I also enjoy performing research into a few areas that are important to me.

Most of my research is ‘applied research’ in the sense that it is normally targeted to solving a problem or meeting some current or expected need. Once I complete a particular part of research I am doing and if there is broad enough interest in it, then I normally archive it by presenting at a conference which memorializes the presented papers in an online database. The IEEE has excellent venues for publishing at conferences and in journals. Below are the areas of research that have occupied my time in the past and the new areas that I am expanding into.

Professional Activities

I am a Senior Member of the IEEE and am involved with it in several different ways. For instance, I am active in the IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society (MTT-S) and am on the MTT-12 Technical Subcommittee on Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Packaging and Manufacturing. I have organized several workshops and panel sessions sponsored by the MTT-12 committee for the IEEE International Microwave Symposium (IMS). I have published papers at the IMS. I also volunteer on the MTT Speakers Bureau which means that I am available on a limited basis as a speaker for local chapters of the IEEE.

I am also involved with other conferences. For instance, I am active in the IEEE Radio and Wireless Week conference (RWW) as a paper reviewer for the Topical Workshop on Internet of Space (TWioS). I also serve as a reviewer for the IEEE Asia Pacific Microwave Conference (APMC). I also participate in IEEE conferences as a workshop speaker such as at the IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium and the IEEE Conference on Control Technology and Applications. I also present short courses at IEEE conferences such as the IEEE sponsored Electronics Packaging Technology Conference (EPTC 2017) in Singapore and other venuses. I have also served on the local arrangements committee for the IEEE Internation Microwave Symposium.

Many years ago, I was involved with the local chapter of the IEEE MTT-S in Los Angeles, California. I arranged the local activies such as chapter meetings, speakers, and served as the local chapter president for 2 years.

I continue to serve the IEEE in various ways.

Primary Research Interests

Below is information on the areas of research that I am involved in. If any of my research is of interest to you, feel free to reach out to me so we can have some dialogue about it.

Systems Engineering

My interests are primarily in risk management, systems engineering processes, and the application of systems engineering principles in new ways. I am pursuing systems engineering research in three main areas:

1) Emergence in Systems Engineering: I am attempting to add some rigor to the idea that new and unexpected properties can exist in large systems.
2) Multi-Spectral Sensors: These are actually systems-of-systems that combine individual sensors (such as radar and infrared) to accomplish new detection and tracking functions.
3) Satellite and Ground Systems: My interest in the systems engineering of solutions for high throughput (Terabit per second) solutions for the satellite and low cost ground stations.

Applied Electromagnetics

Specifically, I perform research into technologies for electronic packaging, antenna integration, modules, low cost materials and fabrication methods, and transmit/receive modules for radar and communication systems. The majority of my work and research over the last 27 years has been, generally speaking, in the technology field of applied electromagnetics.

Secondary Research Interests

1) Renewable Energy: I am particularly interested in concentrated solar power and hybrid energy generation. Hybrid energy is a system-of-systems which combines separate energy generation technologies to achieve performance (such as efficiency or availability) that is not possible from the individual systems. An example is the combination of photovoltaic panels with wind energy.

2) Business Practices For Small Technology Companies: I enjoy experimenting with ways to leverage new technologies into viable business. I also enjoy bootstrapping companies from idea to maturity.

3) Philosophy and Theology: I enjoy the study of philosophy. Historically speaking, all scientists considered themselves to be philosophers. Isaac Newton, for instance, wrote his famous Principia where he developed the calculus and calculated the path of the planets with extreme accuracy. The Principia’s actual title (in English since it was originally written in Latin) is Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy. Also Newton was an avid writer on theological topics. Newton was not alone since most of the founders of the scientific revolution also considered themselves to be philosophers and they often wrote about the intersection of their scientific work and theology. Galileo Galilei and Johannes Kepler often included theological reflection and meaning in their scientific writings. I also enjoy research into the philosophy of science and the intersection of science and religion.

Ham Radio WA6FB (Formerly KB6MMS)

I am a ham radio operator and really enjoy CW (morse code) operation normally at QRP power levels using simple wire antennas. I hold the Exta Class license. I have done some voice communication on 2 meters and HF but mostly during contests. I operate using equipment that I have either designed and built myself or built from kits. Here is a list of the radios I use:

Elecraft K1: This is a four band CW only radio with great performance. I have communicated around the world with this radio including most of North America and many parts of Europe.
Small Wonder Labs SW40+: This is a single band (40 meters) radio for CW only operation with 2W of output power.

I also have various lab equipment and radios that I have designed and used.

An Interesting Personal Fact

I am a blood member of the Lumbee Indian Tribe of North Carolina. My father grew up in the tribal territories and most of my paternal relatives still live there.

The Lumbee are the present-day descendants of the Cheraw Tribe and have continuously existed in and around Robeson County, NC. Early documentation dating to 1725 shows the pressence of Indians around the Black River (Lumbee River). In 1754 North Carolina Governor Matthew Rowan proclaimed the Lumbee tribal terriories as a “frontier to the Indians”. In 1885, the tribe was recognized as Indian by the State of North Carolina.

This is an image of my Aunt Peggy Gibons (my father’s sister) in her traditional Lumbee Indian dress. The image was published in the CatholicNewHerald.com Dec 8, 2017. Aunt Peggy was teaching the children at the St. Vincent de Paul Preschool about the Lumbee Indian Tribe. She also showed them her walking stick and drum.