Rick Sturdivant Presents Paper At IEEE Green Tech Conference

On March 31, 2017, Dr. Rick Sturdivant presented a peer reviewed paper at the IEEE Green Tech Conference. The paper is on research for a pico-hydro electric power generation system for the Nepal Himalayas. The research has revealed seven reasons that prior systems have failed and ways to overcome them. The paper also presented the baseline concept for the pico-hydro system. The paper will appear in the IEEE online archival system called IEEE Xplore. It may take a few weeks for it to be available.

Paper Title:
Pico-Hydro Electric Power In The Nepal Himalayas

IEEE Green Technology Conference
Denver, CO. March 29-31, 2017

This paper presents the baseline concept for a multi-year system development of a pico-hydroelectric power system in Nepal. Prior work on pico-hydro systems has focused on one or a few of the factors required for value sustainment over the full life cycle of the system. In contrast to prior investigations, this work provides a systems engineering approach to generate a highly contextualized solution which considers the geographical and cultural needs of the users and other stakeholders. This approach is taken to overcome the limitations of prior systems and to engineer the system in a way that accounts for the needs of the users. Therefore, user’s needs are examined and a clear assessment of prior local pico-hydro systems is performed. The result is a list of seven key reasons that prior systems failed early in their expected life cycle. A baseline concept is developed which overcomes these limitations and is tailored to the context of the community. One of the unique results of this work is that it provides an example of how green energy solutions for rural applications should be highly contextualized to ensure maximum impact and long term sustainment. Another result is a viable baseline concept for a green electric power solution in remote rural locations.

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