Workshop at IEEE International Microwave Symposium

How to Successfully Measure and Model Electronic Packages for SI

Workship Presentation at 2015 IEEE International Microwave Symposium

I was one of the workshop speakers at the IMS in 2015. My talk was on the subject of succesful modeling and measurement of electronic packages for signal integrity. The abstract for the talk is below. Basically, my talk covered the requirements for proper design of integrated circuit interconnects, design of transmission lines, proper material choices, avoiding common signal integrity errors in package design, and design for testability. This briefing emphasized applications but with a good foundation in theory.

ABSTRACT: Very often the key to a successful package development is achieving the required signal integrity. This is true for analog and high speed digital circuits. These applications require high levels of confidence in the agreement that will be achieved between simulation and measured data. This workshop session will present methods and procedures that can be followed to increase the likelihood of agreement between models and measurement of packages such as QFN, leadless carriers, and ball grid arrays. The highlight of this session will be the “The Seven Keys for Successful Electronic Packages and Signal Integrity.” This session will be useful to both managers leading teams and to practicing engineers who are responsible for electronic packaging at millimeter-wave frequencies and high speed systems to 100Gb/S and higher.

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